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We Can Help You Get Back On The Road Sooner

Your partner is at work. You’ve got a call from your children saying they have missed the bus. You can’t go pick them up because your license is suspended. You scramble to find alternative ways to get them home, but cannot help being frustrated. In Gwinnett County, you need a car to get around, and you just don’t have the mobility you need to live your life.

A driver’s license suspension or driver’s license revocation can stop your daily life in its tracks. We want to give you back your dignity and freedom.

The good news is, there are options after a DUI. Call us today at (678) 273-3500 Gwinnett County attorney Philip Kim knows Georgia driving law and can review your case and provide sound advice.

Limited Driving Permits

Will you lose your license after a DUI? Punishments are increasingly severe, which means the answer is usually yes. But, there are alternatives available. Depending on the circumstances of your case, you may be eligible for a limited permit that would allow you to go to and from work, see medical professionals, attend school and do the other regular tasks you need.

Getting a limited permit depends on:

  • Whether or not you submitted to, or refused, a state-administered chemical test
  • The number of driving offenses you have on record
  • If you have successfully enrolled in or completed driver education courses on DUIs
  • Other circumstances of your case

For more severe cases, you may still be eligible for a limited driving permit with a required ignition interlock device. Our attorney will listen to you and your needs. He can help you get back in the driver’s seat.

Revoked For Driving Under The Influence Of Drugs

There are fewer options for a revoked license in the case of drug use. Philip Kim Law, P.C., has straightforward answers, and treats you and your case as a unique instance, every time.

Get correct information about what options exist under Georgia law by speaking with our lawyer today. Schedule your free initial consultation online now.

First Move = Talk To A Defense Lawyer

From our law offices in Lawrenceville, our founding attorney Philip Kim defends those accused of misdemeanor to felony-level criminal offenses across Gwinnett County. He and his experienced team can defend you or a loved one against drunk driving allegations, traffic offenses or more severe drug charges, sexual misconduct accusations and crimes of violence.

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