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Georgia police officer faces DUI charges

A police officer in Douglasville is facing serious charges following an incident in Fannen County. The Georgia State Patrol arrested the man on suspicion of drunk driving. He now faces DUI charges that, among other things, could negatively impact his law enforcement career.

The man was arrested on July 29. The details of why the man was suspected were not included in this report, which means police could have stopped him for a number of reasons outside of suspected drunk driving. In the course of the arrest, they determined the man was an off-duty police officer. 

It is not clear whether the officer was still being held by police at the time of this report. However, it has been confirmed that he has been placed on administrative leave. This is standard practice when an officer is accused of a crime, and the leave will continue indefinitely until internal affairs completes its investigation. 

In cases where an officer of the law is accused of a crime, the gravitas of the investigation lies in the effect accusations like DUI charges can have upon the officer's career in law enforcement. It will be up to Georgia prosecutors to prove the man was drunk when he was pulled over, but this is not always an easy task. If police were negligent in determining the man's state of alleged intoxication, or if the arrest in any way compromised the accused man's legal rights, this could considerably sway the course of the court case. Having a seasoned criminal defense attorney by his side may go a long ways toward ensuring he will receive a fair hearing at every stage of the proceedings.

Source:, "Officer faces DUI, public indecency charges", Ellen Eldridge, Aug. 23, 2017

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