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September 2017 Archives

Georgia woman faces DUI charges

A Hampton woman is facing a variety of charges following an accident that claimed the life of a 26-year-old man. Georgia State Patrol reports that the woman was arrested following the crash and now faces DUI charges as well as several related charges in the tragic death. No court date has been announced for her at this time. 

Georgia man up on DUI charges after collision with police cruiser

A man is in custody in the Polk County Jail following a collision with a sheriff's office vehicle that police believe may have been predicated on drunk driving. The 28-year-old Georgia man's vehicle reportedly collided with a patrol car, leading police to believe he was intoxicated. He is now facing DUI charges, though no court date has yet been announced. 

Georgia man faces DUI charges following crash

A man was arrested in Cobb County following an accident involving a police officer who was responding to a fatal accident. Georgia police took a 26-year-old man into custody after he allegedly struck a police officer who had stopped to report a car accident involving a motorcycle. The man now faces DUI charges and is currently being held in a detention center prior to his first court appearance. 

What do parents need to know about college drug use?

You drop your child off at college, trusting that they will graduate in a few years prepared to tackle their chosen profession. While college provides students with many positive academic, athletic and social opportunities, there are also hidden dangers to college life that many parents fail to notice.

Bus driver faces DUI charges

A Walton County bus driver is facing potentially career-ending charges following accusations of driving her school bus while drunk. Georgia police apprehended the woman after she reportedly failed a breath test provided by the school. She now faces child endangerment as well as DUI charges.