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Bus driver faces DUI charges

A Walton County bus driver is facing potentially career-ending charges following accusations of driving her school bus while drunk. Georgia police apprehended the woman after she reportedly failed a breath test provided by the school. She now faces child endangerment as well as DUI charges.

According to the police report, dash cam footage provided to local police showed the bus, driven by the woman, behaving erratically in the road. The bus is seen crossing the center line several times, stopping in the middle of the road and even missing the entrance to the school. The reactions of students, 31 of whom were aboard at the time of the incident, were captured in that footage.

Students informed their parents via cell phone, who in turn notified school authorities. The woman was subjected to a breath test by a school resource officer, who says she blew a .089, somewhat above the .08 limit set by Georgia law. Police conducted a search of her bag and discovered several alcohol bottles, including an open bottle of tequila. The woman reportedly admitted to being drunk, citing a birthday party that may have gotten out of hand.

In addition to her DUI charges, the woman faces 16 child endangerment charges. Allegations of this behavior could end in the termination of her career in the public school system. Georgia prosecutors must prove through evidence that the woman was drunk at the time of the incident. Her alleged confession may not be admissible in court, and breath tests can be argued in a variety of ways by effective defense representation.

Source:, "Georgia school bus driver charged with DUI: "Probably the tequila"", Aug. 29, 2017

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