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DUI charges filed against former Georgia teacher

A former Chickamauga City teacher is facing new charges following her acquittal on child molestation charges back in 2010. Georgia State Patrol arrested the woman after several alleged traffic infractions. She now faces DUI charges, but no court date has yet been set. She has sought criminal defense representation. 

According to the Georgia State Patrol, the woman was pulled over on the weekend of Oct. 14. Witnesses say she was seen running a stop sign, speeding and not maintaining her lane. Officers pulled her over and determined that she may be intoxicated. In a later interview, the woman said she cooperated with law enforcement during her arrest, but she refused to take a breath test on the scene. She cited the unreliability of such tests in determining blood alcohol levels. 

She was arrested and taken to a local jail, but it is unclear whether she has been released at this time. Police have charged her with driving under the influence. No further information is available at this time. 

Georgia prosecutors will not be able to use any prior charges she has faced against her, but in this instance, her refusal to take a breath test at the scene may be detrimental to her case. With that said, DUI charges can be fought in a variety of ways, and her defense representation will carefully review the evidence the prosecution has gathered against her. If Georgia authorities are not able to prove the woman was under the influence at the time of her arrest, the charges against her could be reduced, or the case could be thrown out of court altogether. 

Source:, "Tonya Craft arrested for DUI over the weekend", Oct. 17, 2017

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