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DUI charges filed against Georgia woman after accident

A woman accused of striking a police officer with her vehicle on a state highway in the early morning of Sept. 26 is facing charges. Georgia authorities have filed DUI charges against the woman after she is believed to have struck a police car. It is unclear if she remains in custody, and no court date has yet been announced. 

According to the police report, around 4:30 a.m. the woman was driving on Ga. 400 when the accident occurred. The woman is said to have crashed her car into the back of a police officer's patrol vehicle. The officer was providing safety and traffic control to a construction team, and his vehicle was allegedly flashing its emergency lights. 

The force of the impact caused both the officer and the woman who allegedly struck him to suffer minor injuries, for which they were taken to a local hospital and treated. Police have charged the woman with driving under the influence, as well as following too closely and violating the "move over" law. If she is found guilty she could lose her license and possibly face jail time. 

However, DUI charges can be difficult to prove in a Georgia criminal court. Though police are expected to follow a strict protocol when it comes to gauging the intoxication level of a suspected DUI, this does not always happen. As a result, test results on blood alcohol level can be misleading and sometimes excluded from evidence, which can aid a defense team's case in favor of the defendant. 

Source:, "Alpharetta police officer hit by drunken driver on Ga. 400, cops say", Lauren Foreman, Sept. 28, 2017

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