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How do the new DUI license suspension rules affect you?

In Georgia, you can get your driver's license suspended in no time at all.

All you have to do is get pulled over and arrested for DUI. If you decline to be tested for alcohol or drugs, or you test positive, you can say goodbye to your license.

The officer will hand you a DS-1205 form suspending your license to drive, but also notifying you of your right to contest the suspension.

The new wrinkle in license suspension

Since July of this year, the DS-1205 adds a dimension. It also acts as a temporary driving permit. This permit is good for 45 days, at the end of which, if you do not contest the suspension, you're driving privileges will be revoked.

Before the new rule took effect, you had the option of requesting a hearing in writing. This request would cost you $150. That option is still in effect. But you now have a second choice: you can ask the Department of Driver Services to grant you a limited permit to install and use an ignition interlock device.

No one likes having to use an IID

But it is a step up for people charged with drunk driving because it allows you to continue to drive, within the restrictions imposed by the device and by the conditions required by DDS. These driving restrictions apply:

  • You can drive to and from work or school. This is a significant blessing - ask anyone who has lost their job or got expelled because of a DUI.
  • You can drive to your own medical appointments and to your pharmacy to fill a prescription.
  • You can drive a family member to work, school, or medical appointments.
  • You can drive to attend treatment for your drinking problem, or to perform community service.
  • You can drive to court, or to attend court-ordered activities.
  • You can drive every month to whoever installed your ignition interlock device.

This list seems restrictive, but it allows you to live your life - a little.

Do not violate the terms of this permit. It will be torn up if you are convicted of a moving violation. It will be rescinded if you are found to have tampered with the IID.

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