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Police dispatcher in Georgia faces DUI charges

A police dispatcher in Athens-Clarke County has lost her job following her drunk driving arrest. Georgia police arrested the woman on the night of Nov. 11 following an accident involving two other vehicles. She now faces DUI charges, though no court date has been announced for this case so far. 

The police report says the woman, a dispatcher for the local police, allegedly ran a red light and struck another vehicle. She then continued to drive before striking a second vehicle. Police say they have video evidence of her behind the wheel, corroborated by several witness testimonies, though the woman asserts she was not the one driving the car. 

When she was pulled over, she refused a breath test but allegedly told police she was very drunk after having consumed three gin and tonics. It is unclear whether she was in the driver's seat at this time or not. The report did not mention whether anyone, including the accused woman, was injured in the two crashes. The woman was taken to a county jail, where she was still being held at last report. She was also fired from her position with the police force. 

DUI charges, especially for someone working in law enforcement, can have career-ending implications, as this Georgia woman has discovered. However, she is still entitled to face the charges against her in a court of law, where prosecutors will have to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that she was behind the wheel and under the influence at the time of the accidents. Her counsel will carefully review any evidence the prosecution intends to present to the court in order to build a compelling case in her defense. 

Source:, "Georgia police dispatcher fired over DUI arrest says she was 'very drunk'", Greg Norman, Nov. 17, 2017

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