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Georgia football player faces DUI charges

Two football players were arrested by Barrow County sheriff's deputies, according to local news sources. Georgia authorities arrested the driver and his passenger, both of whom face several misdemeanor charges. The driver in particular is facing DUI charges that could negatively affect his career moving forward. 

According to the report, the two were pulled over around 11:50 p.m. the night of Dec. 2 while traveling on Georgia Highway 316, shortly after finishing a game. Police say the vehicle was speeding, which was the reason for the traffic stop. The officer on the scene claimed to smell marijuana coming from the car, and mentioned he observed the players allegedly trying to throw a bag of what he believed to be marijuana out the window. 

Both driver and passenger were charged with misdemeanor possession of marijuana. The driver also faces further charges, including DUI and speeding. The passenger has since been released on $1,030 bond, but it is unclear whether the driver remains in police custody at this time. No court date has been announced. 

DUI charges are taken very seriously by Georgia courts, and can dog an individual for years after sentencing occurs. In the case of this individual, his standing on his team could be negatively affected by a DUI conviction, possibly even jeopardizing his future in football. This is why his defense team will work to build a strong case in his defense by reviewing the evidence and carefully scrutinizing the arrest report to determine whether the arresting officers conducted themselves in accordance with the rule of law and observed the rights of the accused individual. If not, those matters may be addressed in court and could lead to a reduction or dismissal of the formal charges.

Source:, "Natrez Patrick of University of Georgia arrested for DUI, marijuana", Mark Schlabach, Dec. 3, 2017

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