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Your Child Gets Charged With Drug Possession. What Happens Next?

It can be frightening and bewildering at the same time when a child is charged with possession of marijuana, meth or other drugs. With their whole lives ahead of them, kids stand to lose a lot from making just one poor decision. Here are some relevant questions and related answers about what happens after a minor is charged with drug possession.

What are the sentencing options for this type of crime?

There are a variety of consequences tied to a charge of drug possession by a juvenile, and the judge on the case uses his or her discretion in sentencing. Options include probation, juvenile detention and residential treatment. Commitment to the department of corrections for more serious drug offenses is also a possibility.

This is the first time my child has been charged with a crime. Is this taken into account?

There could be an option for diversion of the sentence with first-time offenses. Community service hours or drug education and treatment are common diversion requirements. With a strong defense, this type of second chance could be possible.

When my child turns 17 his record will be clean again, right?

A criminal charge is not automatically sealed. A motion needs to be made in juvenile court to seal a juvenile criminal record. This process can only be initiated after your child turns 17 years of age. It includes filing a request and attending a hearing regarding sealing the record.

What should I look for when selecting an attorney to represent my child?

You will want to retain a lawyer experienced in defending juvenile cases so your child has the best chance for fair treatment in the juvenile justice system. Additionally, from making statements to the police to post-disposition hearings and beyond, you want an defending drug charges to give your child the best advantage.

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