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January 2018 Archives

Georgia woman faces drug charges

A traffic stop for suspected DUI has turned into a larger series of charges for one Rome woman, according to local sources. Georgia authorities stopped the the 38-year-old woman on the night of Jan. 26 and now faces drug charges in addition to several misdemeanor charges. No court date has been set, but as of the following night, the woman was still in custody at a county jail without bond. 

Soldiers in Georgia face DUI charges

Two American military personnel are under fire after allegedly ramming a truck into a home while under the influence of alcohol. The two men, based on Fort Stewart, are facing Georgia DUI charges in connection with the incident. If they are found guilty of these charges, their careers in the military could be placed in jeopardy and they may face jail time. 

Georgia man in custody following DUI charges

A Cartersville man is in custody following an accident police believe to have been predicated by intoxication, according to reports made available to local media. The 25-year-old Georgia man was in jail as of Jan. 14 after an accident that caused serious injury to two people in his vehicle. He now faces DUI charges as well as felony counts of serious injury by vehicle. So far, his trial date has not been made public. 

DUI charges filed against multiple motorists in Georgia

The Columbus Police Department conducted a month-long crackdown on suspected drunk drivers throughout December, resulting in multiple arrests. Georgia authorities confirmed the traffic detail ran four days a week throughout the month, ending on New Year's Eve. It will be important for any of these drivers who wish to contest the DUI charges filed against them to seek out experienced defense representation ahead of a court date. 

DUI charges filed against Georgia man

A man who allegedly admitted to police that he was drunk behind the wheel has been arrested, according to local sources. The 46-year-old man was taken into custody by Georgia law enforcement in Gwinnett County on the night of Dec. 27 following an accident police believe was predicated by drunk driving. The man now faces DUI charges, and if found guilty, he could lose his license or even face jail time. 

Is medical marijuana coming to Georgia?

The benefits of medical marijuana cannot be underestimated. Medical researchers have shown that the drug alleviates a host of debilitating conditions. Nevertheless, in the state of Georgia, most people cannot qualify for medical marijuana treatments unless they have a very limited number of conditions. Even the few who qualify can only receive low-THC medical marijuana oil, which might not be as effective as other forms of the drug.