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DUI charges filed against Georgia man

A man who allegedly admitted to police that he was drunk behind the wheel has been arrested, according to local sources. The 46-year-old man was taken into custody by Georgia law enforcement in Gwinnett County on the night of Dec. 27 following an accident police believe was predicated by drunk driving. The man now faces DUI charges, and if found guilty, he could lose his license or even face jail time. 

Officers say they responded to a 911 call requested by the driver, reporting a rollover crash. When they arrived on the scene they found the 46-year-old's SUV flipped over. The driver was miraculously unharmed, but another vehicle had sustained damage in the crash. The driver said he struck a curb with his vehicle before striking a parked car, whereupon his SUV flipped over. 

The man allegedly told police he had consumed six light beers at a local bar before leaving for his girlfriend's home. After the crash, he said he asked witnesses to call authorities. He consented to a blood alcohol level test, which allegedly revealed a BAC of .118, above the legal limit of .08 for adults in Georgia. He was arrested and remanded to a county jail, but was released on bond the following morning. 

It will be up to Georgia prosecutors to provide evidence in support of the DUI charges that is found to be beyond a reasonable doubt. This standard of proof is set intentionally high so that innocent people will not be convicted for crimes they did not commit. Defense counsel will work to build a compelling case for the client, and will carefully review any evidence offered by the prosecution so as to raise appropriate legal and factual issues before the court. 

Source:, "After flipping car, Gwinnett DUI suspect asks, 'Am I going to jail?'", Amanda C. Coyne, Dec. 29, 2017

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