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Georgia woman faces drug charges

A traffic stop for suspected DUI has turned into a larger series of charges for one Rome woman, according to local sources. Georgia authorities stopped the the 38-year-old woman on the night of Jan. 26 and now faces drug charges in addition to several misdemeanor charges. No court date has been set, but as of the following night, the woman was still in custody at a county jail without bond. 

According to the police report, officers observed the woman driving erratically, repeatedly crossing over the center line with her vehicle. When she was pulled over, officers made the decision to search her vehicle. The report does not mention if they performed any roadside sobriety testing in advance of this search. 

In their search, they found a glass pipe with what they believe to be methamphetamine inside of it in the woman's purse. The woman was arrested on the scene. She was formally charged with felony possession of meth, as well as misdemeanors for DUI, possession of drug paraphernalia and improper lane changes. 

Of course, a strong legal defense will be necessary when this case goes to court. Drug charges can lead to long-term incarceration at the felony level if the individual is found guilty, not to mention the damage even an accusation can cause an individual's livelihood and personal relationships. Her defense counsel will work diligently to review the evidence presented by Georgia prosecutors in advance of her trial date, including a careful reading of the arrest record to assess whether the woman's rights were observed throughout the search and subsequent arrest process. 

Source:, "DUI stop yields drug charges against Rome woman", Doug Walker, Jan. 27, 2018

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