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Is medical marijuana coming to Georgia?

The benefits of medical marijuana cannot be underestimated. Medical researchers have shown that the drug alleviates a host of debilitating conditions. Nevertheless, in the state of Georgia, most people cannot qualify for medical marijuana treatments unless they have a very limited number of conditions. Even the few who qualify can only receive low-THC medical marijuana oil, which might not be as effective as other forms of the drug.

However, according to a recent poll of Republican voters in Georgia, the expanded use of medical marijuana could become a reality.

Republican voters want to expand medical marijuana in the state

A telephone poll of 500-plus responders who claimed to be Republican showed that 77 percent of them approved the legalization of cannabis oil. In addition, 71 percent of responders said that they supported the cultivation of marijuana in Georgia to produce medical cannabis oil products.

According to one Georgia state lawmaker who supports medical cannabis, "The data shows that Georgians are compassionate people who do not want to see sick people suffer needlessly when a safe and effective treatment is available."

The lawmaker said that 3,000 Georgia residents are already receiving low-THC cannabis oil treatments, which are currently permitted by the law. However, the lawmaker stresses that more patients could benefit from medication if lawmakers expand the allowance of in-state growing and in-state use of the drug. "Georgia is behind the rest of the nation," he said.

Patients who take medical marijuana without approval are breaking the law

As it stands, very few people can gain approval for legal low-THC cannabis oil in Georgia. Also, some patients can only benefit from medical marijuana that contains THC. This has prompted many patients to take the law into their own hands and self-medicate with illegally purchased marijuana.

Unapproved patients who treat themselves with marijuana are breaking the law and could get charged with serious drug crimes no matter how well-intentioned their decision to buy marijuana was. If you have been accused of a marijuana crime because you were treating your medical condition, you will want to handle your criminal defense carefully to reduce the chances of conviction and/or the severity of punishments related to your charges.

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