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Georgia police officer faces drug charges

A police officer in Hogansville could face the end of his professional career in law enforcement depending on the outcome of an investigation into his activities. The Georgia officer is facing drug charges after he was allegedly caught selling drugs. The officer has resigned from his current posting, but the investigation is still underway as of this report. 

Police say the 23-year-old officer was placed under surveillance after members of the county crime unit allegedly saw him pass what appeared to be a gun and an unknown amount of marijuana to another man parked in a car in his driveway. Officers later pulled the car over and detained the driver, who said he had purchased an Uzi and marijuana from the suspected man, and he had done so in the past as well. Police subsequently obtained a search warrant for the officer's home. 

Inside the house, they found several baggies containing what they believe to be drug residue, as well as several bottles for prescription painkillers that were not prescribed to the officer or his wife. The officer was arrested at work on Feb. 3 and charged with marijuana possession with the intent to distribute. He would later be released on $20,000 bond, but his resignation from the force went through on Feb. 8. 

Drug charges cast a long shadow on the career of a law enforcement officer. Even if he is proven innocent in a Georgia courtroom, the allegation alone is enough to damage his ability to find employment with other police forces. This is why his defense team will work tirelessly to determine the viability of the evidence against him and build a strong defense against anything the prosecution might bring forth during the trial. 

Source:, "Police officer charged with drug dealing", Clay Neely, Feb. 16, 2018

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