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Georgia police officer faces DUI charges

A police officer in Fairmont has been fired after being charged with drunk driving, according to local sources. Georgia police were placed in the unfortunate position of arresting one of their own back in January for suspected drunk driving. The officer was subsequently fired and now faces DUI charges. 

The official release from the city of Fairmont states that the off-duty officer was pulled over on Jan. 31 after allegedly being observed weaving in and out of lanes on U.S. Highway 411. Local police conducted a traffic stop, whereupon they came to believe the officer driving the car was intoxicated. Georgia State Patrol took over the investigation a short time later. 

The report goes on to state the officer was arrested and taken into custody. He was transported to a county jail and charged with DUI and failure to maintain a lane. The report makes no mention of any roadside sobriety or breath tests that might have been conducted for officers on the scene to corroborate their belief that the man was drunk. The officer was fired effective Jan. 31 by the Fairmont Police Department, and he is still awaiting trial. It is unknown if he is still in custody at this time. 

DUI charges are, as evidenced here, enough to end the career of a law enforcement officer. Given the speed with which Georgia authorities dismissed him from his position, it stands to reason that some compelling evidence is likely to have been presented to corroborate the charges. However, the officer is still entitled to his day in court, where he will be represented by defense counsel that will review the evidence in an attempt to contest the formal accusations or, in the alternative, reduce the penalties typically associated with this serious charge. 

Source:, "Fairmount officer fired after being charged with DUI", Feb. 2, 2018

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