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Georgia woman faces DUI charges

A woman in Coweta County is facing serious charges after she allegedly crashed into police vehicles during a chase. The 24-year-old woman is facing DUI charges for allegedly driving while using drugs. She is currently being held by Georgia authorities without bond in advance of a trial date, which has not yet been set. 

The police report says that, around 11:00 p.m. on the night of Feb. 2, the woman was observed by deputies to be drifting in and out of lanes. When police initiated a traffic stop, they say the woman accelerated away and began signaling lane changes at random. She then pulled off the road and into an apartment complex. 

The woman then allegedly crashed her vehicle into two separate police vehicles before attempting to flee the scene on foot. Officers on the scene used a Taser to incapacitate her, whereupon she was taken into custody. A search of her vehicle revealed what police believe to be drug paraphernalia, as well as possible drug residue. The woman reportedly admitted to police that she had ingested methamphetamines and Xanax prior to getting behind the wheel and that she fled the scene because she knew she was driving with a suspended license. 

Drugs can have strong adverse effects on an individual's cognitive abilities, which is why DUI charges are filed in cases like this. However, Georgia authorities will have to prove through tangible evidence that this woman was high on drugs at the time of the accident if she is to be convicted of the charge. Her defense team will review the results of the blood tests taken, as well as the arrest record, to determine whether the arrest and subsequent search of her vehicle violated her Constitutional rights. 

Source:, "Woman faces DUI drug charges after crashing into patrol cars, fleeing", Ellen Eldridge, Feb. 6, 2018

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