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DUI charges brought against Georgia deputy after crash

Anyone can find him or herself in a situation that may have once seemed impossible. Even parties who work to uphold the law could wind up on the other side and in need of a defense. Making mistakes is a part of life, and when DUI charges are brought against a person, he or she may now want to avoid the mistake of moving forward with a criminal case without the right information.

One man in Georgia will undoubtedly want to do his best to address his case effectively after recently being taken into custody. Reports indicated that the man was a sheriff's deputy and had been involved in a single-car accident at the time of his arrest. The incident occurred at approximately 2 a.m., but details regarding the event were not disclosed in the report.

The man was taken into custody at the scene of the accident and is currently facing a DUI charge. He issued an apology to the sheriff and his department and also resigned from his position as deputy. The incident was still being investigated at the time of the report.

Though the Georgia man was a member of law enforcement, gaining information on the DUI charges brought against him and his legal options could still benefit him. This information may allow him to understand aspects of criminal law and court proceedings that he may not have fully understood previously. This knowledge could also help him ensure that he explores his defense options to the best of his ability and follows the legal path with which he feels most comfortable.

Source:, "Burke County Deputy resigns after DUI crash, arrest", March 5, 2018

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