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Underage drunk driving laws in Georgia

Although it's normal for young people to experiment with alcohol, it's also against the law. As a result, numerous Georgia residents find themselves facing underage alcohol-related charges, including underage DUI and underage consumption and possession.

How can I defend against my drunk driving charge?

There's more than one defense against a drunk driving charge. In fact, defense attorneys have a multitude of strategies that they can potentially use to fight drunk driving cases for their clients. This, however, does not mean that all of these strategies will work for the particular circumstances of your case.

Is medical marijuana coming to Georgia?

The benefits of medical marijuana cannot be underestimated. Medical researchers have shown that the drug alleviates a host of debilitating conditions. Nevertheless, in the state of Georgia, most people cannot qualify for medical marijuana treatments unless they have a very limited number of conditions. Even the few who qualify can only receive low-THC medical marijuana oil, which might not be as effective as other forms of the drug.

Your Child Gets Charged With Drug Possession. What Happens Next?

It can be frightening and bewildering at the same time when a child is charged with possession of marijuana, meth or other drugs. With their whole lives ahead of them, kids stand to lose a lot from making just one poor decision. Here are some relevant questions and related answers about what happens after a minor is charged with drug possession.

What do parents need to know about college drug use?

You drop your child off at college, trusting that they will graduate in a few years prepared to tackle their chosen profession. While college provides students with many positive academic, athletic and social opportunities, there are also hidden dangers to college life that many parents fail to notice.