Can I Carry a Gun in My Car in Georgia?

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Georgia car gun laws regulate the use, ownership, and carrying of firearms and ammunition in the state of Georgia in the United States.


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Published on July 07, 2022. Updated on: September 26, 2023.


Carrying a Gun in Your Car in Georgia

Individuals have the right to own ammunition and firearms under the Second Amendment. However, various restrictions surround the legal right to carry a weapon. People often wonder whether they can carry a firearm in their car.

Many people find it necessary to have a gun with them at all times for several reasons. For instance, personal protection, self-defense, or sport. You can transport a firearm in a motor vehicle if you have a valid Georgia Weapons Carry License.

If you have been charged with carrying a weapon without a valid weapons carry license in Georgia, the offense is a misdemeanor that can lead to jail time. 

Is It Illegal To Have a Gun in Your Car?

A gun in your car is illegal without a valid weapons carry license. Individuals with Georgia weapons carry licenses may possess or carry handguns or long guns in private vehicles.

If a weapon or long gun is discovered on private property, including a car, the owner, renter, licensee, contractor, or anyone in legal control of the property can kick the individual out.

Therefore, if you are a passenger in another person’s motor vehicle, you need their explicit consent to carry a firearm in their car. You need to notify the owner and get their permission before taking a firearm, even if you do not intend to use it.

However, the privileges above do not apply to individuals prohibited by law from possessing or carrying firearms.

Is It Illegal To Have a Gun in Your Car

2023 Georgia Gun Laws: What You Need to Know

You may be charged with a criminal offense if you are unfamiliar with Georgia firearms laws. Below are the rules on guns in vehicles in Georgia:

  • In Georgia, employers may not determine employment based on agreements prohibiting employees from accessing a parking area with firearms or weapons in their private vehicles. There are no violations if the employee is lawfully carrying a concealed firearm in the motor vehicle.

  • Georgia gun laws allow those with a legal carry permit to bring their firearms to places where other states do not allow it. For instance, in Georgia, you can legally carry a firearm to the bar, but it is illegal to use it when intoxicated.

  • In Georgia, you can legally possess a handgun if you are at least 18 years old. There is no age limit for possessing a shotgun or rifle.

  • A new Georgia law allows “lawful weapons carriers” to carry handguns openly or concealed in public places without requiring a license or background check. This law does not apply if you are a convicted felon or mentally ill.

  • A person legally permitted to possess a firearm may carry one on their property, home, motor vehicle, or business without a valid weapons carry license.

  • Anyone permitted by law to possess a firearm may carry a handgun, provided it is enclosed and unloaded. If the gun is loaded, Georgia law requires that you carry it openly.

  • In federal law, guns are banned from being owned by drug users, individuals convicted of domestic violence, or those against whom domestic violence restraining orders have been filed.

  • Individuals with valid hunting or fishing licenses can carry a handgun, rifle, or shotgun. If you are hunting legally, fishing or sport shooting with the permission of private property owners, you can use your gun on their grounds.

Gun Laws in Georgia for Vehicles

Georgia law allows individuals who are not prohibited by law from possessing firearms to have or carry a firearm in their personal motor vehicle. Your car is considered an extension of your home.

Licensed weapon carriers can possess a firearm or weapon in a motor vehicle parked in a parking area of firearm-free areas—for example, government buildings, courthouses, places of worship, and schools. You can have your firearm so long as it is locked in the glove compartment of the vehicle, in a closed container, or locked firearms rack on the car.

The legislature has introduced a bill to allow people to carry firearms anywhere in the car, but it is not yet a law.

Georgia Gun Laws About Traveling

Georgia law prohibits anyone without a weapons carry license from boarding or attempting to board an aircraft, bus, or rail vehicle with firearms.

Firearm and ammunition owners are protected by federal law when traveling between states where firearms can be lawfully carried and where they can only be carried while unloaded and locked in the trunk.

If you plan on traveling to another state, make sure you know the laws of the states you travel to to get protection.

Gun Laws in Georgia for Vehicles

Contact a Criminal Defense Lawyer in Georgia

You may face serious criminal charges if you are not a lawful weapons carrier and have been charged with carrying a gun in your car. However, if you are unsure whether or not you were acting within the law, it is essential to consult an experienced criminal defense lawyer.

At Philip Kim Law, P.C., we understand Georgia’s complex firearm laws and can help protect your rights. Our skilled attorneys will provide sound legal advice and defend your rights in court.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Carry a Gun in a Car Without Permit?

You can carry a gun in your car without a permit if you follow these guidelines:

  • Your firearm must be in the glove compartment, console, or a compartment in the vehicle
  • If you choose to enclose it, it should be fully enclosed and hidden from sight
  • If the police stop you, disclose that you have a gun

Can I keep a Loaded Gun in My Car in G.A.?

According to Georgia liberal firearm transportation laws, you can carry your weapon in your car when loaded if you have a weapons carry permit.

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