Have You Been Charged With DUI Drugs Or Drugged Driving?

What Does DUI Mean in Drugs?

DUI in drugs is Driving Under the Influence of drugs. It’s important to understand that DUI in drugs does not just mean illegal drugs. Any medication impairing your ability to operate a motor vehicle can result in a DUI drug arrest. That includes legal drugs, such as prescription, over-the-counter, and cold medicines.

When you are arrested for DUI drugs in Georgia, the drug recognition expert will ask you to submit to a blood or urine test. The results of these tests can be used as evidence against you at trial.

The arresting officer will also look for other signs of impairment, such as slurred speech, difficulty walking, or bloodshot eyes. If the officer believes you are impaired, you will be arrested and face a DUI or DWI charge.

DUI laws are complex, and the consequences of a DUI arrest can be severe. If you’ve been charged with DUI drugs, consulting with an experienced DUI attorney who can help you understand the charges against you and protect your rights is critical.

At The Kim Law Firm, P.C., we understand your challenges and are here to help. We offer a free consultation to discuss your case and answer your questions. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

Is Adderall a DUI?

Adderall is a stimulant medication used to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Adderall can cause side effects such as increased blood pressure, heart rate, and anxiety. These side effects can make it dangerous to operate a vehicle. Therefore, you can be charged with DUI if Adderall impairs you.

If you take Adderall and get behind the wheel, you should be aware of the risks. Adderall can make you feel more alert but can also impair your judgment and reaction time. If you are stopped by police and failed a field sobriety or breathalyzer test, you can be arrested for DUI.

Attorney Philip Kim has experience handling DUI cases involving Adderall and other prescription medications. If you’ve been charged with DUI, he can help you understand what you’re up against and fight for the best possible outcome in your case.

What Is the Most Common Drug for DUI?

In Georgia, a person is considered to be driving under the influence if they’re impaired by any drug/controlled substance, including prescription drugs they are using legally. When it comes to illegal drugs, Georgia has a zero-tolerance policy. A person with any amount of marijuana, cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine, or another illegal drug in their system is also guilty of drug impairment.

Remember, having a prescription for OxyContin, Valium, Ambien, Percocet, or any other prescription drug may not be a defense against DUI drugs. The law is concerned with whether or not the drug makes you incapable of driving safely. Nonetheless, there are proven DUI defense strategies we can use on your behalf to defend you against a DUI conviction.

Defense attorney Philip Kim will explore all viable defense strategies, including challenging the validity of the stop, the arrest, blood test, urine test, field sobriety tests, and other elements of police procedure. Evidence could be deemed inadmissible in court if your constitutional rights were violated at any point in the arrest or prosecution.

Attorney Kim will also investigate whether the arresting officer had probable cause to believe you were impaired. In some cases, we may be able to negotiate a plea deal for a lesser charge or have the charges against you dismissed altogether.

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