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Published on February 21, 2023.


DUI Conviction in Gwinnett County

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), almost one-third of all drivers arrested for driving while intoxicated (DWI) or driving under the influence (DUI) are repeat offenders. In Georgia, 30% of all traffic fatalities involve drunk driving.

It is illegal to operate a motor vehicle under the influence in Georgia. The state is tough on drunk drivers and those charged with DUI drugs. The penalties are especially severe if you’re convicted of a fourth Georgia DUI. You will face significant jail time and expensive fines. You may also lose driving privileges, and your insurance company may cancel your policy.

The consequences of a fourth DUI conviction in Gwinnett County extend beyond court actions. You could lose your job and face difficulty finding other employment. If you hold a professional license, it could be revoked. Additionally, you may be ineligible for college admissions and face financial repercussions, such as the inability to be approved for renting a house or taking a loan.

When the stakes are this high, it’s highly recommended that you speak to an experienced Gwinnett County DUI lawyer to protect your rights and future.


DUI in Georgia


Georgia DUI laws mandate that driving or being in actual physical control of a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or drugs is forbidden.

In fact, under Georgia’s DUI law, an individual who is under the influence of alcohol, drugs, any substance, or the combination of two or more substances to the extent that it is less safe for them to drive can be convicted of a DUI.

A driver above 21 years with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) above 0.08% is said to be driving under the influence. The legal limit is 0.04% if the driver operates a commercial vehicle or 0.02% if the individual is under 21 years old.

Four DUIs in Gwinnett County Could Mean a Felony Charge

According to Georgia DUI laws, a fourth DUI in Gwinnett County, GA, within ten years is classified as a felony. Felonies carry more severe penalties and longer jail sentences as opposed to misdemeanors.

Gwinnett County DUI lawyers can evaluate your case and look for any evidence of police misconduct in conducting field sobriety tests or during the arrest processes. Breathalyzer results may be challenged if law enforcement personnel administer the breath test improperly.

Prosecutors seek aggressive penalties for a fourth DUI offense to punish repeat offenders and to set a public example about drinking and driving on Georgia’s roads. With such strict penalties, it is in your best interest to consult a qualified Georgia DUI attorney to protect your rights and build Georgia DUI defenses for your case in court.


How Many DUIs Can You Get in Gwinnett County?

There is no limit on how many DUIs you can get in Gwinnett County. DUI charges carry serious consequences, even if it’s your first offense. It’s important that you consider the penalties and consequences of any DUI charge.

What Happens if You Get 4 DUIs in Georgia?

A fourth DUI conviction in Gwinnett County could result in the following consequences:

  • Jail time

  • Fines up to $5,000 plus court costs and fees (minimum fines start at around $1,000)

  • Suspension of license for ten years, though a limited permit may be given after two years

  • Possible community service requirements

  • Mandatory alcohol treatment programs through out-of-pocket payments or state expenses if they cannot afford them independently

In addition to penalties imposed by the Gwinnett County DUI Court, your vehicle may be impounded upon arrest.

Criminal lawyers in Lawrenceville can help evaluate your case to determine the appropriate defense strategies to use in your case. Additionally, a lawyer knowledgeable in local legal procedures and court personnel can effectively negotiate with the prosecutor to achieve a favorable resolution.


How Much Does the Fourth Conviction of a DUI Cost in Gwinnett County?

The cost of a fourth DUI conviction in Gwinnett County typically includes fines up to $5,000 (plus court costs), related fees, and possible jail time. Additionally, you could face mandatory alcohol treatment program expenses and community service or probation requirements imposed by the court system that may incur extra charges depending on individual cases. For these reasons, it is always recommended to have professional legal guidance before taking any action.


What Is the Maximum Fine for a Fourth DUI Conviction?

The maximum fine for a fourth DUI conviction in Gwinnett County is up to $5,000 (plus court costs). However, this could change depending on individual circumstances, such as previous criminal charges and whether there were additional offenses attached to the DUI charge. Overall, it’s important to remember that minimum fines start at around $1,000.

Consult with a lawyer before negotiating terms of settlement regarding monetary value. Experienced attorneys are often able to offer more reliable advice than self-handled cases.


How Long Is the Jail Sentence for a Fourth DUI?

The amount of jail time for a fourth DUI conviction in Gwinnett County, GA, can range between 1 and 5 years, depending on the circumstances surrounding the offense and your personal history.

Why Should You Hire a DUI Defense Lawyer?

Facing a fourth DUI charge without a lawyer is not a good idea. Experienced legal guidance is highly recommended since attorneys offer better outcomes based on their knowledge of Georgia criminal law. An experienced Gwinnett County DUI lawyer can help by:

  • Making you understand the charges against you.

  • Reviewing the facts and gathering evidence of your case.

  • Building a solid defense strategy.

  • Negotiating with the prosecution and exploring plea bargains on your behalf.

  • Providing preparation for a jury or bench trial.

  • Fighting to achieve a favorable outcome for your case.

If you have already been convicted of a DUI and completed your sentence requirements, Lawrenceville criminal defense lawyers can petition the court under the 2nd Chance Act to remove a felony conviction from your record so you can lead a better life.

The DUI process in Gwinnett County, Georgia, can be overwhelming and confusing to someone unfamiliar with Georgia law. Our team will provide professional legal advice and representation to help you avoid the consequences of a 4th DUI conviction. Call Philip Kim Law, P.C., today to schedule a consultation!

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