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Published on November 28, 2023.


What Should I Do if I Get a Speeding Ticket in Gwinnett County?

People may drive at high speeds for several reasons—some speed due to emergencies or to arrive on time for specific meetings. No matter your reason, exceeding the prescribed speed limit may cause you to be issued a speeding ticket.

You want to avoid finding yourself in such a loop, as it may have lasting effects on your driving record and livelihood. If you or your loved one has been charged with a speeding offense at Gwinnett County, knowing the consequences may be a good idea.

Hiring an experienced traffic violations attorney for a speeding ticket may benefit your speeding charge case. At Philip Kim Law, P.C., our experienced lawyers, knowledgeable in super speeder law, are willing to help you with your speeding charge and guide you effectively.

Consequences for Speeding Tickets

Being charged with speeding commences with you being issued a traffic ticket by local law enforcement officers. This ticket contains a citation stating your specific traffic violations.

In Gwinnett County, GA, a speeding offense is a misdemeanor. Generally, if convicted of misdemeanors, including speeding offenses, you may have a maximum penalty of a year of jail time and a fine of $1,000. Usually, speeding tickets would result in a fine.

You may also have points added to your driver’s license. The points depend on the speed you were driving at and the location of your speeding offense. The points range from 2 to 6 based on your speed.

  • Exceeding the speed limit by 15-18 mph results in 2 points on your driver’s license.

  • Driving at 19-23 mph over the stipulated limit adds 3 points to your license.

  • Conviction for driving at 24-33 mph over the limit results in 4 points on your driver’s license.

  • Driving at 34 mph and above incurs 6 points on your driver’s license.

If a Georgia resident accumulates 15 points within 24 months, their driver’s license will be suspended. However, licensed individuals in Georgia can petition the Department of Driver Services to lower the total points on their driver’s license.

Cost of Speeding Ticket in Gwinnett County, GA

Speeding ticket costs in Georgia depend on your driving record, the extent to which you exceed the speed limit, and the location of the violation. You must know the maximum cost or fines for a speeding ticket if you commit a first speeding offense.

For exceeding the limit by:

  • more than 5 but not more than 10 mph – $25

  • more than 10 but not more than 14 mph – $100

  • more than 14 but not more than 19 mph – $125

  • more than 19 but not more than 24 mph – $150

  • more than 24 but not more than 34 miles – $500

An additional $200 is imposed as the super speeder fine in addition to the regular speeding ticket fines. Super speeders are individuals who receive tickets for driving at speeds of 75 mph or higher on a 2-lane road or 85 mph or faster on other roads or highways. Georgia residents and out-of-state drivers convicted of this speeding offense are notified by mail. Failure to pay the super speeder fee within 120 days will result in the suspension of the driver’s license.

How Do I Pay a Speeding Ticket at Gwinnett County?

You have three options when served a speeding ticket by a police officer. You may pay the fine, contest the ticket, or admit guilt with an explanation.

When given a traffic ticket, you can confirm your traffic violation by checking your traffic citation. The citation may or may not require a mandatory court appearance. You may accept the penalty and pay the required fine if it does not require a mandatory court appearance. Choosing to receive the penalty means you plead guilty to the speeding offense.

You can pay your fine online, in person, by phone, or by mail. You would need the payment method, citation number, driver’s license number, and court case number to pay the fine.

How Do I Get a Speeding Ticket Dismissed in Georgia?

It is possible to get your speeding ticket dismissed in Georgia. You will have to opt to contest your ticket to get a dismissal. By contesting your ticket, you can keep the ticket off your driving record, reduce or eliminate fines, and maintain your insurance premiums rates.

You may consider hiring a skillful traffic tickets attorney to contest your speeding ticket for dismissal on your behalf. Your case will be assigned to a Recorder’s Court when you receive a speeding ticket in Georgia.

Gwinnett County Recorder’s Court handles certain misdemeanors, including speeding. The Recorder’s Court will hold a bench trial on your speeding ticket. At bench trials, the judge assumes the role of determining the innocence or guilt of the offender in place of the jury.

When you plead ‘not guilty’ to the alleged offense, the prosecutor must prove your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. If found guilty of excessive speeding, you would have to pay the fine, and the points required by law would be added to your license. The court will dismiss your ticket if you are found innocent of the speeding offense.

It is important you note that Gwinnett County Recorder’s Court does not hold jury trials for speeding tickets. If, in a bid to contest your speeding ticket, you request a jury trial, your case will most likely be transferred to Gwinnett County State Court.

Philip Kim Law, P.C. Can Help You With Your Speeding Charges

If you have been charged with a speeding offense in Gwinnett County, Georgia, it may be a good idea to speak with lawyers with extensive knowledge of traffic and speeding laws as soon as possible. A traffic tickets attorney can assess your case’s details and suggest a favorable option for handling your speeding charge. 

Dealing with a speeding charge and paying a Gwinnett County traffic ticket should not be taken lightly. Our experienced traffic ticket lawyers at Philip Kim Law, P.C. have the knowledge to advocate for your rights.

Also, you can have several defenses if issued speeding or super speeder tickets. A significant defense that can be used is the conduct of enforcement by police officers.

For instance, you could get your ticket dismissed by showing that the speed-clocking device used by the officer was not in a good working condition. At Philip Kim Law, P.C., our experienced traffic ticket attorneys can build a solid defense to help you secure a favorable outcome.

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