Navigating the Gwinnett Superior Court: A Guide to the Judicial System

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Gwinnett County Superior Court has jurisdiction over felony cases from this Georgia county, as well as certain other legal matters. If you are facing a case at this court, the local team at Philip Kim Law can help.


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Published on July 07, 2020, last updated on May 17, 2023.


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According to the FBI crime data, Gwinnett County is considered relatively safe, with its cities ranking among the safest in Georgia. However, when criminal issues arise, several courts share jurisdiction for all county-level county cases.

The Superior Court, State Court, Magistrate Court, Probate Court, Juvenile Court, and Recorder’s Court make up the court system here. With various courts appointed to supervise various legal adjudications, some handle civil (non-jury) matters, some handle criminal offenders, and some preside over juvenile cases or probate matters.


Gwinnett County Superior Court Address

The Superior Court deals with all felonies (including sex crimes, murders, rapes, and armed robbery) that occurred in this area, prosecuted by the District Attorney’s Office. It is located in the judicial complex at the Gwinnett Justice and Administration Center:

75 Langley Drive Lawrenceville, GA 30046.

The court’s phone number is (770) 822-8100.

Those needing expert legal counsel for a County Court should ensure a criminal defense that gets results by retaining experienced criminal lawyers in Lawrenceville, GA, like those at Philip Kim Law.

Founding attorney Philip Kim defends those accused of a misdemeanor to felony-level offenses across Gwinnett. Our legal practice areas cover drunk driving, drug charges, traffic offenses, more severe criminal cases, sexual misconduct accusations, and crimes of violence.

We strive to get the best possible outcome in every case, whether it involves plea bargain negotiations or a trial. We are committed to providing the highest legal representation and work hard to achieve the best possible outcomes for all clients.

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What Kind of Cases Does Gwinnett County Superior Court Handle?

Beyond processing various criminal cases, this is the court of general jurisdiction and deals with equitable actions and civil lawsuits cases, adoptions, divorce, and more.

The Superior Court is also authorized to correct lower courts’ errors. For example, although Magistrate Court Civil Division handles cases including civil claims of $15,000 or less and county ordinance violations, the Superior and the State Court handle appeals for decisions in some Gwinnett County Magistrate Court cases, such as decisions in a tenant or landlord and civil cases. 


Superior Court of Gwinnett County Filing Fees

When submitting documents to this court, you have to make sure to pay the filing fees. Checks should be made payable for filing costs plus local sheriff service to Clerk, Superior Court.

Any publication cost should be paid by a separate check payable to the publisher and submitted to the clerk on filing. In addition, new filing costs will be applied if you file a motion or a petition requesting an order 30 days or more after judgment or dismissal.

For example, the filing fee for a divorce is $210, plus $50 per service by the sheriff’s office. This is necessary in some cases to “serve” the action or have an official deliver it to the other party involved. These fees must be paid in cash or by two separate money orders.

If the person being served can’t be found, an additional $80 fee has to be paid to the newspaper, Gwinnett Daily Post, to publish the notice.


A Skillful Attorney Can Provide Expert Representation in Gwinnett County, GA Superior Court

The Superior Court, together with District Attorney’s Office, defense attorneys, police agencies, probation, and drug treatment programs, is also part of a Treatment Court Program, an intervention program for non-violent drug offenders. It involves frequent court appearances, random drug testing, as well as group and individual counseling.

When facing drug charges in Georgia, it is important to take action immediately. Talk to an experienced drug crime defense lawyer before making any statements. At Philip Kim Law, P.C., we provide skilled drug crime defense representation to clients in Lawrenceville, GA, and throughout surrounding areas in Georgia.

What Kind of Cases Gwinnett County Superior Court Handles

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How to Perform a Gwinnett County Superior Court Case Search

Gwinnett Courts’ website allows individuals to search for specific cases by offering a free online search feature. 

To search cases from the Superior, State, Magistrate, and Probate Court Estate cases, individuals should use Tyler Odyssey Portal. This feature allows users to search hearings by date, attorney name, location, hearing type, attorney bar number, case number, party name, courtroom, judicial officer, and business name. 


An Experienced Lawyer Can Help with Gwinnett County Superior Court Records

The Clerk of Courts handles requests of individuals to obtain copies of the official court records of the Superior Court. To get copies of case documents, deeds, property liens, or divorce records, a written request has to be sent to the following address:

Clerk of Court

PO Box 880

Lawrenceville, GA 30046

The Gwinnett Clerk of Courts also allows in-person public access to people who want to search for or check official records. Although the Clerk and Deputy Clerks wish to help all parties asking for legal assistance, they are strictly forbidden to practice law by statute and restricted in what they can advise or help. 

If you need help getting information regarding court records or doing a Gwinnett County case search, contact the trusted team at Philip Kim Law. We are committed to representing you at every step of your legal process and will fight for the best possible outcome. 

How to Do Gwinnett County Superior Court Case Search

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What Is the Gwinnett County Superior Court Docket?

You should check a court docket if you are looking for information regarding a specific case. That is simply a record of proceedings of court cases. A docket also contains information about the judge hearing the case, the attorneys involved, as well as the parties in the case.

How to Access the Gwinnett County Superior Court Docket

Dockets for the Superior Court can also be accessed through the Tyler Odyssey Portal through the ‘Search Hearings’ section. That way, individuals can see relevant information regarding cases seen by the Superior Court.

For assistance with Gwinnett County Courts, try contacting skillful lawyers at Philip Kim Law. Whether you need assistance with the Superior, State, Magistrate Court, or some other legal matter, our law firm will treat you respectfully and help you understand the Georgia legal system.

What Is Gwinnett County Superior Court Docket

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What Can the Gwinnett County Superior Court Clerk Help You with?

Clerk of Court is an elected position serving the Superior, State, and Magistrate Courts. The Clerk and Deputy Clerks are custodians over the county’s land and residential or commercial property records, in addition to the civil and criminal files and documents in the courts served.

The Clerk of Courts can help if you, for example, want to inquire about warrants and have a warranty in Gwinnett County. Going over their archives can be helpful in this inquiry because any arrest order must go through various courts. They can also help with procedures or details, like which courtroom to appear in, documents you must bring, etc.

The clerk of the Superior Court can also provide necessary forms when someone who is not a minor is seeking relief under the Family Violence Act by filing a Temporary Protective Order petition.

Remember that filing a family violence protective order is unavailable after regular business hours. However, family violence victims have other alternatives while waiting to file for the protection order.


The Gwinnett County Clerk of Superior Court Can’t Help with Legal Issues, but a Qualified Lawyer Can

The Gwinnett County Clerk of the Superior Court cannot provide legal advice or representation, but a qualified lawyer can. At Philip Kim Law, we are committed to helping you through every step of the legal process and will give you a fair chance at success.

If you need advice on a legal matter such as civil action, DUI filing, or divorce records, Philip and his experienced team of criminal defense lawyers can defend you or your loved one and protect your rights. Contact us to learn how we can help you navigate the Gwinnett Superior Court.

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