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Khrystall Borrero

All I can say is this man and his team are the most genuine individuals I have ever had the privilege of meeting. I have never been more grateful for the wonderful experience and care I have received from them. THEY have NO INTENTION of deceiving you, and it not about about the money. They have YOUR BEST INTERESTS IN HAND AND WILL BE the best lawyer you will ever meet.
Trust me.
This is a beautiful business and I have never felt happier handing over my money to this team because they deserve it and EVEN MORE.
Thank you Mr. Kim my family and I are eternally grateful.

Muamer Mehic

Mr Phillip Kim is a fantastic choice for a criminal defense attorney. His law office did a great job with my case. He was very direct with my case and answered any questions I had throughout. The case ended in a great result for me and it would not have been without his help.

Sumair Qureshi

Mr. Kim in a phenomenal attorney. I hired Mr. Kim’s law office to represent me on a traffic matter that was severely affecting me to the point where I thought my license would most definitely be suspended. I was a nervous wreck and had no idea what to do or who to hire as my lawyer to best represent me. After speaking with Mr. Kim about my situation, I felt comfortable knowing he had experience dealing with the exact same situation I was in as well as knew all the prosecutors and judges involved in Gwinnett County Court. Although he could not guarantee me a specific result, he definitely gave me peace of mind that I was in good hands as well as told me everything I needed to know about every situation I could possibly found myself in. I did not expect the best results, but after court I honestly don’t think a better turnout was possible. Mr Kim and I left the court room with both of our expectations highly surpassed. I strongly urge whoever is in need of a lawyer to go speak with Mr. Kim. He did not disappoint in the slightest and will actually do everything he can to get you the best result possible for your specific situation.

Nevorjanay Jackson

Mr.Philip is the best! I got into a situation for the first time ever and instantly started to call different lawyers. Mr. Philip was the only one who actually told me everything i needed to know truthfully. He told me what he was able to. I was honestly so scared because it was my first time in a situation but he calmed me down and made me comfortable. His staff is also amazing and will try answering all the questions they can. Please don’t hesitate to contact Mr.Philip because he definitely got you. It’s not all about the money to him, he actually cares. Thank you guys so much!!

Ethan Graton

I had a pleasant experience with Philip Kim Law. They took my case and made me feel assured that I had the right counsel for what I needed done. They communicated with me expediently back and forth before and every step of the process and explained the details of my case so that I could understand. They went above and beyond when an already difficult case had more issues with dmv and dds communicating. They got those issued resolved within the very next week. Phillip Kim Law stuck with my all they until i was able to get my license back. I would highly recommend their services.

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