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Responsive, fast, confidence, and kind, Attorney Kim displayed all these traits and more. I was caught with a super-speeder going 90 miles on a 55 mile road; to make matters worst, this was my second speeding ticket (going 83 mile on a 55 mile road) in the same county. Even before becoming his client, my consultation with him felt reassuring; he confidently broke down the situation and told me exactly what the outcome would be. After becoming his client, he went straight to work. Initially, he promised he'd have my super-speeder charge drop with the added bonus of zero points added to my license. However, not long after his initial promise, he delivered more; not only was he able to do what he told me previously, he made to where the ticket also would not effect my insurance. He displayed excellent communication: whether that's giving you another two calls after his first attempt in the same day or calling you back within 24 after missing you. My experience with Attorney Kim and his firm members were fantastic; everyone was lively and kind was spoken to. Compared to my last attorney, this was a completely 180; I had wished I found Attorney Kim when I had my first speeding ticket. I highly recommend!

Jacob Zambo

Phillip Kim is the most professional, responsive and straight forward attorney I ever dealt with. Every question I had that pertain to my case he answer clearly and to manner that I felt comfortable to deal with him. Mr.Kim asked me at the beginning of my case what would be the best case scenario I had in mind and he met my goals and over what I could have wished for. If you have any legal issues I would highly recommend Phillip Kim.

Vic Muntyan

My experience was great! Philip was straight forward and executed my case as promised.

Jimmy Caprice

I had never been in any trouble with the law, or needed an attorney, so naturally I was nervous about the process in general. I couldn't be more grateful that I was able to obtain the services of Philip Kim Law, P.C. He is professional, responsive, detail oriented and a pleasure to deal with. The attention and service are personalized, and you are always made to feel that your case is important to him. He thoroughly explained all of my options so that we could come up with a great strategy for defense, in order to get the best possible outcome. I highly recommended Philip to anyone in need of competent, top notch representation. Thanks again sir!!

Sherry Wilson

Attorney Philip Kim answered my call on a Monday morning when I needed his services on a Thursday of that same week. I shared what the situation was and he did his due diligence and came back to me with a plan of action. Attorney Kim was well prepared for the court date and the outcome showed his preparedness. He is an attorney that understands the inner workings of the court system and the law.

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