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Defense lawyer Philip Kim has committed his career to standing up for the accused, and protecting the rights and reputations of his valued clients. If you face criminal charges in Georgia, we can provide you with the skilled, effective defense representation you need.

Published on December 04, 2020, last updated on November 17, 2021.


Before You Go to the Barrow County Courthouse

Without a devoted legal supporter in your corner, going to Georgia’s Barrow County Court can be an intimidating experience. Since a criminal conviction frequently heralds significant consequences, such as prison time, fines, and a lasting criminal record that could affect your financial prospects, it is vital to obtain strong and aggressive legal representation.

Philip Kim Law, P.C. is a leading criminal defense firm serving clients in and around Lawrenceville, Georgia, including Barrow County. With substantial knowledge and experience in state and federal criminal statutes and punishments, Attorney Philip Kim provides efficient counsel and representation. Whether it is probate court or superior court, Philip Kim offers guidance and guidance through directions. He offers each client the understanding, compassion, and enthusiastic legal representation they need to win their case.

Unlike many other criminal lawyers in the Atlanta area, we do not view our clients as merely a case number. Other legal representatives might not have sufficient time to commit to your case, and they might reassign your issue to their partners. That is not the case with Philip Kim Law. No matter what you are facing, we will work non-stop to protect your rights and restore your reputation.

To proceed with your case with us, feel free to book an official appointment. For other information, please go through our website.

Before You Go to the Barrow County Courthouse section

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Barrow County Courthouse Records

If you are charged with a criminal offense in the Atlanta area, you want to ensure your Barrow County Court records remain clean, and Philip Kim Law is here to assist. No matter what kind of criminal charges you are dealing with, the right Georgia criminal defense attorney will hear your side, weigh the evidence, make sure you comprehend your rights, and help you prepare for your day in court.

When it concerns juvenile criminal charges, minors are generally offered more leniency and defense than adults. Juveniles are likewise denied some fundamental rights that are provided to other people. The choices that a teen and their family make can affect their lives permanently. A skilled Barrow County, Georgia, lawyer can personally assist your child through these challenging circumstances to guarantee the best possible outcome.

The following are types of Barrow County Georgia court records for which one should obtain a criminal defense attorney:

To access Barrow County Courthouse records, you can visit the Clerk of Superior Court’s office, usually located within the courthouse itself. Public records are generally accessible during regular business hours. You may also be able to access certain records online through the official website, depending on the country’s digital capabilities. It’s advisable to call ahead to confirm the availability of the specific records you’re seeking and to inquire about any fees for copies. Some records may require a formal written request or may have restricted access, so consulting an experienced lawyer can provide specific guidance.

Barrow County Court Records Navigation

You can find information about your or a family member’s case files by submitting a Barrow County Court records request on this site.

If the state chooses to press charges against you or you are under examination, you need to act rapidly to maintain your rights and begin constructing your defense. The faster you call a Winder, GA, law office, the better. When you schedule a free consultation, Attorney Philip Kim will assess your case, discuss your options, and guide you through the process.

Barrow County Court Records

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Where Is the Barrow County GA Court?

The Barrow County Georgia Court is located at 652 Barrow Park Dr, Winder, GA 30680. You can also search the Barrow County, GA, official state website for additional resources.

As one dealing with criminal charges in Georgia, you have various rights guaranteed by the Constitution. Two of the most vital might be the “right to remain silent” and the “right to an attorney.” Whether it is before an arrest or after, if police officers wish to question you, you should consider talking with a lawyer first.

You may feel that you have nothing to hide and want to remain cooperative. However, authorities and district attorneys are trained to press you to make a statement that opposes something you previously mentioned, and they make use of those “irregular statements” to make you look guilty. Speak to your lawyer before talking to the authorities or making any legal choices.

What Are the Barrow County Court Hours?

The Barrow County Court hours are 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.

For the best chance of protecting your rights, you need to work with a Georgia criminal defense lawyer who has the experience and abilities that difficult cases need. Contact a Georgia attorney to establish an efficient criminal defense for arrest warrant application hearings or temporary protective order hearings.

Keep in mind; the court is generally closed on federal holidays, so it is best to call to verify.

Where Is the Barrow County GA Courthouse

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What Is the Barrow County Court Phone Number?

You can call the Barrow County Court phone number at (770) 307-3035 for information or help with site navigation.

Before you go to your hearing, you should consider hiring an attorney to contribute to your defense. As a leading criminal defense attorney in Barrow County, Philip Kim comprehends how important it is to pick the right legal agent. With a lot at stake, choosing the best criminal defense lawyer in Georgia is among the most critical choices you can make when dealing with criminal charges, allegations, or even attending Barrow County Traffic Court.

As a criminal defense attorney, Mr. Kim strongly believes that anyone implicated in a criminal offense is innocent unless proven guilty in court. Applying these values, he will do his best to ensure your rights are protected, and your freedom is secured.

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By performing a thorough Barrow County criminal defense examination, collecting proof, talking to witnesses, and tapping his network of professionals, Attorney Philip Kim will work non-stop to establish a reliable defense.

Unlike other Georgia criminal defense attorneys, who frequently motivate clients to accept plea offers quickly, he tires all alternatives before entertaining any possibility of a plea, working relentlessly to look at all of your alternatives and ensure you comprehend every action of the process.

As your Barrow County, GA, criminal defense attorney, Philip Kim will describe all of your rights, think about all possible defenses, and work tirelessly to get an acquittal. For information, resources, and a free consultation, contact Philip Kim Law, P.C. today.

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