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Author: Philip Kim, Founder, Philip Kim Law, P.C.

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Published on October 06, 2021, last updated on November 03, 2021.


What to Consider When Choosing Criminal Lawyers Georgia

Facing criminal charges is dismaying. However, to avoid further consequences that will cost your life, having an experienced criminal defense attorney that can advocate for you is something that should not be left up to chance.

Having an exemplary criminal defense lawyer is one way to build a solid defense for your case and increase your chances of winning it. However, there are several aspects you should look into when looking for one.


What to Consider When Choosing a Criminal Defense Attorney in GA

There are many factors that you need to consider to get the best criminal defense lawyer to represent you in court. Below are tips to look out for when looking for an Atlanta criminal defense attorney to increase your chances of a successful outcome.


Level of Experience

Facing criminal charges is a serious issue that you will not want to take risks with. Therefore, you should ensure the attorney giving you legal advice and representing you in court knows what they are doing and are well conversant with the laws. The best attorney should have an exemplary track record and have tackled numerous cases successfully.


Board Certification

When facing criminal charges, it is important to look for a board-certified criminal defense lawyer. This is an assurance that the lawyer is proficient in the area of specialization of your legal need. A criminal defense lawyer with a significant number of jury trials and a remarkable reputation with prosecutors and judges increases the chances of a successful defense.


Accessibility and Availability

Time is crucial, and dealing with an unreliable criminal defense attorney during these daunting times is something you would want to avoid. Make sure you get a reliable lawyer who responds to calls and quickly responds to your inquiries.


It is also recommended that, if you are dealing with charges for sex crimes, drug crimes, juvenile crimes, or violent crimes, for example, you look for those criminal justice attorneys who have experience in these particular practice areas. Every area of the law demands specific skills and traits from a legal representative, so the best Georgia lawyers tend to choose practice areas they are good at and stick to them.

Dealing with Georgia criminal charges is a serious situation with potentially life-altering consequences, so make sure you choose your legal representative wisely.

What to Consider When Choosing Criminal Lawyers Georgia

Experienced Criminal Defense Attorneys

Best Criminal Lawyers in Georgia

After a criminal arrest, finding help from the top criminal defense lawyers is the best decision you will ever make. The best lawyers will have a high degree of professional achievement and peer recognition in criminal defense.


Top Criminal Defense Attorneys in Atlanta GA

If you want the best criminal defense attorney, look no further than Philip Kim Law. Our criminal defense lawyers have extensive experience representing individuals facing a criminal charge in Georgia.

Best Criminal Lawyers in Georgia

GA Criminal Defense Lawyer

Hiring the Best Criminal Lawyer in GA

Finding a good lawyer can feel daunting. However, knowing what to look for when choosing the ideal lawyer for your case is generally a good starting point. Here are several elements you will want to delve into before settling for one.


How to Get a Top Criminal Defense Attorney in Georgia

You should consider several elements when looking for an Atlanta criminal attorney. These include:

  • Background in your case’s specific area of criminal law
  • Experienced and qualifications to handle criminal law
  • Referrals through family and friends and online reviews
  • Knowledge of and confidence with the relevant Georgia criminal law codes
Hiring the Best Criminal Lawyer in GA

Atlanta GA Criminal Defense Lawyer Assistance Now

Should I Hire a Criminal Defense Lawyer?

The answer to this is typically a yes. Having an experienced criminal defense attorney will assist you in avoiding costly mistakes.

Although you are entitled to a public defender at no cost to you, it is wise to look for a private lawyer, as public defenders are typically overworked and under-experienced.

The criminal justice process starts when an individual is suspected of committing a crime and arrested. Charged individuals will need Atlanta criminal defense lawyers in their corner. It can be overwhelming for someone to defend themselves without being familiar with Georgia law and its intricacies.

If you are trying to reach a plea agreement, a criminal defense lawyer can help during negotiations because they usually have a pretty good idea of what a prosecutor and judge are willing to agree to.

If negotiations fail, then your criminal case has to go to trial. It can be terrifying and confusing if you don’t know how to proceed. However, criminal defense lawyers with a proven record of success will be able to defend your case and protect your rights in court.

Given the complexities of criminal cases, having your own lawyer to represent you will be the best thing to do. Not only does it increase your chances of winning, but it eases the process for you, allowing you to focus on rebuilding your life.


Benefits of Hiring a Criminal Attorney in Georgia

Many benefits come with opting to work with an excellent criminal defense lawyer. These benefits are explained below.


Comprehends the Legal System

Georgia criminal lawyers have a broad knowledge of the laws and the criminal justice system that govern crime cases. With this, they will be able to examine the facts of your case, evaluate the evidence brought forward, and effectively present the evidence to the court.


Protects You from Harsh Penalties

A skilled criminal defense lawyer will work diligently to protect you from harsh prosecutors. They assist you in improving your case and avoiding severe penalties. In cases where you are found guilty of a criminal offense, the goal of a criminal defense lawyer is to ensure that you get the lightest possible sentence.


Serves as Your Advocate

Having a lawyer can be exceptionally comforting as they work to represent you in court. A lawyer will present evidence and argue in court to support their client. They also provide legal advice and also assist in suggesting particular causes of action.

Should I Hire a Criminal Defense Lawyer

Georgia Criminal Defense Lawyer

How a Criminal Attorney Can Help You Win Your Criminal Case in Georgia

Criminal defense lawyers are well-trained in finding elements of a case that make them unique. Their work is to listen for arguments that are likely to narrow a conviction, present facts in a way that can support your case, and increase the chance of a win. With this in mind, choosing to work with an experienced attorney will likely work in your favor.


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Facing criminal charges can be stressful, but working with the right Atlanta criminal lawyer can be of great help. If you face charges of a criminal offense, whether minor or major, reach out to a Georgia criminal lawyer at Philip Kim Law today. When you meet with our experienced criminal defense attorneys, we will listen to the details of your case, inform you of your options, and establish an attorney-client relationship to begin defending you against the Georgia criminal justice system.

How a Criminal Attorney Can Help You Win Your Criminal Case in Georgia

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