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Published on July 26, 2019, last updated on November 29, 2021.

Gwinnett County Courts

The Gwinnett County Courts have jurisdiction over all county-level cases occurring in this Georgia county.

These Gwinnett Courts include the Superior, the State Court, the Magistrate, the Probate Court, the Juvenile, and the Recorder’s Court.


Gwinnett County Court Administrative Office

Created in 1988, the administrative office of the Gwinnett Courts manages the planning and business functions and the support operations for three limited jurisdiction courts and 16 trial divisions. The administrative office reports to the court councils, individual judges, or the chief judges and participates in management meetings.

This office also has responsibility for personnel administration, financial planning and controls, systems, and physical facilities, in addition to identifying and planning for the changing needs of the courts.

The court administrator, Philip M. Boudewyns, can be contacted at 770-822-8564.

Gwinnett County Courts

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Gwinnett County Courthouse

The Gwinnett County Courthouse is located at 75 Langley Drive, Lawrenceville, GA. In this facility, you will find the Superior, the State Court, the Magistrate, and the Probate Court.

The State Court has jurisdiction over certain traffic violations, misdemeanors, DUI, as well as certain civil cases unless the Superior Court has exclusive jurisdiction. The State Court is a trial court, and if a person has been convicted of a low-level offense in this county, that case will likely be handled by the State Court.

On the other hand, the County Magistrate Court handles issuing warrants for searches and arrests. In addition, Gwinnett County Magistrate Court has jurisdiction over several legal matters, including civil claims of $15,000 or less, preliminary hearings, and county ordinance violations. Jury trials are not held in this court.

Appeals on decisions in tenant, landlord, and civil cases can be made to the Superior and State courts.

If you need more information regarding the records of the court clerk, please visit the official site. You will find multiple options to collect information. Gwinnett County Clerk and Deputy Clerks can assist in court-related matters and help with civil and criminal court records in the courts served. Gwinnett Judicial Circuit Clerk or Clerk of Court is a position serving the State, Magistrate, Superior, and Juvenile courts in the county.


Gwinnett Courthouse

This people-oriented administrative and justice facility preserves the identity as well as the independence of the four levels of Gwinnett Courts while also combining all county government needs into one central facility.

An entrance hall unifies 27 courtrooms, assistance locations, and also all county departments. The main lobby facilitates public orientations, circulation, waiting, and security. The design includes judicial parking and also separate circulation patterns for the judicial personnel, civilians as well as inmates.

To access or learn any kind of information or records, you can either visit links provided on the Gwinnett County website or either opt for the manual process at the courthouse. To start with the search, you will have to put up the date and fill up the required fields.

If you are facing a civil legal issue or any other charges in this county, Lawrenceville, Georgia, criminal defense law firm Philip Kim Law, P.C., is prepared to stand by your side and advocate for your rights.

Gwinnett County Courthouse

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Gwinnett County Superior Court

The Gwinnett County Superior Court is a trial court of general jurisdiction. It has special constitutional authority over felony cases prosecuted by the District Attorney’s Office regarding land titles, equity, declaratory judgments, habeas corpus, mandamus, quo warranto, prohibition, adoptions, as well as divorce.

It is also authorized to correct errors made by lower Gwinnett Courts by issuing certiorari. Additionally, for some lower courts, the right to direct review by this court is applied.


Gwinnett Superior Court

The Gwinnett County Superior Court judges include Chief Judge George F. Hutchinson III, Judge R. Timothy Hamil, Judge Ronnie K. Batchelor, Judge Warren Davis, Judge Karen E. Beyers, Judge Kathryn M. Schrader, Judge Randolph G. Rich, Judge Tracey D. Mason, Judge Tracie H. Cason, and Judge Tadia D. Whitner.

The Superior Court can be contacted at (770) 822-8100. A list of digital copies of many useful forms for this court can be found here.

Gwinnett County Superior Court

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Juvenile Court Cases in Gwinnett

The Gwinnett County Juvenile Court has jurisdiction over cases involving juvenile charges for individuals under the age of 18, including unruly, delinquent, runaway, and dependent offenses. It has concurrent jurisdiction with the Superior courts involving child support cases, custody, capital offenses, and termination of parental rights.


Location of the Juvenile Court in Gwinnett County

This court is located at 115 Stone Mountain St. in Lawrenceville. Judges overseeing the Gwinnett Court for juveniles include Presiding Judge Robert V. Rodatus, Judge Tadia D. Whitner, and Judge Robert Waller. The Court can be contacted at 770-619-6300.

Gwinnett County Juvenile Court section

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Gwinnett County Traffic Court Phone Number

The Recorder’s Court of Gwinnett County is also called the Traffic Court because it handles thousands of traffic tickets as well as code ordinance violation cases like zoning citations and other misdemeanors every month.

If you have received a traffic citation for traffic violations, you can access records by this link to find out if your citation can be paid without appearing in Court. This will save you time, but the results depend on the types of legal adjudications. Alternatively, you may contact the Court directly by calling the Recorder’s Court Clerk’s Office at 1-877-794-0988.

If you have received a ticket, you may want to speak with an attorney before you pay the fine since some tickets carry other penalties, such as points on your driving record.


Gwinnett Recorder’s Court Pay Ticket

Recorder’s Court handles traffic citations written by the Gwinnett County Sheriff’s Department, Gwinnett County Police Department, Georgia Department of Transportation, and the Georgia Department of Driver Services. Recorder’s Court also handles all code ordinance violations occurring in this county, including citations written by Gwinnett County Animal Control, the Planning and Zoning/Inspection Department, the Business License Department, and the Environmental Health Department.

The Recorder’s Court is divided into three offices, including the judicial, prosecutorial, and clerk’s office. The judicial office has three court judges and six judicial staff members, while the prosecutorial office has a solicitor, three assistant solicitors, and two prosecutorial staff members, and the clerk’s office has one clerk and 15 court clerks.

If your citation doesn’t require a court appearance, you can pay your ticket through any of the following methods:

  • Mail – Cashier’s check or money order only. To mail in your fine amount, please make your money order or cashier’s check payable to Gwinnett County Recorder’s Court and address it to:

Gwinnett County Recorder’s Court

115 Stone Mountain Street

Lawrenceville, GA 30046-6900

Make sure your name and citation number are referenced on the cashier’s check or money order, and enclose a copy of the yellow citation with your payment.

  • In-Person – Fines may be paid in person by cashier’s check, money order, cash, debit, or credit card during the hours of 8:00 a.m. through 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday at the above address.
  • DropBox – A drop box is located outside of the Court Annex building and is available after normal working hours.
  • Online – Online payments are accepted here.
  • Phone – 1-877-794-0988
Gwinnett County Traffic Court Phone Number

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Gwinnett Courts Online Search

The Courts in Gwinnett County offer an online search feature that allows users to search for specific cases seen by the court.


Gwinnett County Criminal Case Search

Any case seen by the Courts in Gwinnett County can be accessed by using the Court’s case search feature. With this feature, users can search by case number, by party name, by the attorney, by the judge, and by scheduled events.


Gwinnett Courts Case Search

If you have been issued a traffic citation by the Recorder’s Court, you can perform a case search here.

For deeds, divorce records, case documents, or property liens, please contact the Clerk of Court with a written request to:

Clerk of Court

PO Box 880

Lawrenceville, GA 30046

If you are facing an issue that is being seen by the Gwinnett Courts, don’t hesitate to contact a dedicated Gwinnett County criminal defense attorney for a free consultation. At Philip Kim Law, we are committed to representing you at every point in the legal process to fight for the best possible outcome.

Gwinnett Courts

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