How Long Do Points Stay on Your License in Georgia?

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Published on March 31, 2023.


How Long do Points Stay on Your License?

Most states use a driver violation point system to track traffic violations committed by drivers. Each traffic offense is assigned a point value, and when a driver accumulates a certain number of points, they may face penalties such as license suspension or higher insurance premiums.

The question arises for concerned license holders of how long points remain on the license. This differs state by state.

In Georgia, driver’s license points come off your license precisely two years after the violation date entered in the points system.

How Does the Point System Work in Georgia?

In Georgia, there is a demerit points-based system. The moving violation schedule apportions specific points to be demerited from a driver’s license.

The value of points ranges from two to six, depending on the violation. The accumulation of points can result in the suspension of your driving privileges.

How many points are required before automatic suspension? The suspension will happen if:

  • A driver over 21 accumulates 15 points within 24 months

  • A driver is under 21 and accumulates four points within 24 months

Note, however, that commission of a serious driving license offense can result in your license being immediately suspended.

The Points Schedule and Georgia Uniform Rules of the Road

The Georgia Uniform Rules of the Road are the set of laws that govern the operation of motor vehicles on the roads and highways in Georgia.

These rules include a wide range of safe and responsible driving topics, including speed limits, traffic signals and signs, right-of-way, passing and lane usage, and parking regulations.

Where Can I Find Out the Value of Points for Particular Violations?

The Georgia Department of Driver Services (DDS) has published a schedule that indicates the number of points for specific offenses. This can be found on their website.

More minor violations attract a value of two points, while more serious offenses could attract as much as six points.

Here is an example of a few point values for traffic violations in Georgia:

  • Unsecured load resulting in an accident – two points

  • Failure to obey a traffic signal or light – three points

  • Improper passing on hill or curve – four points

  • Aggressive driving – six points

Consequences of Having Points on Your License

In addition to the possibility of having your license suspended, points on your license can increase your insurance premium. When you accumulate points, your insurance company views you as a higher-risk driver.

In some cases, you may not be able to get insurance coverage due to the number of points, especially if there are repeat offenses.

Another indirect consequence is that you may be required to attend time-consuming and expensive driver education courses.


How to Prevent Points on Your License


Obey The Law

To prevent points from accumulating on your license, drive within the boundaries of the traffic law. This includes following the speed limit, stopping at stop signs and red lights, using turn signals, and defensive driving. Know and abide by the traffic laws; you will never have to worry about points against your license or license suspension.

Attend a Defensive Driving Course

If you attend and pass a defensive driving course in Georgia, you can have up to seven points removed from your license and take the course once every five years to keep your record clean.

The number of points that can be removed varies depending on the violation. Generally, you can have up to 7 points removed from your license by completing a defensive driving course.

However, certain violations, such as driving under the influence, hit-and-run, or reckless driving, are not eligible for point reduction through defensive driving courses.

If you have been arrested for DUI, consider consulting with a Gwinnett County DUI lawyer.

Plead Guilty to a Lesser Charge

If you receive a traffic ticket, you may be able to plead guilty to a lesser charge that carries fewer or no points. This is often possible if you have a clean driving record and the violation is minor.

Request a Hearing

If you believe you were unfairly cited for a traffic violation, you can request a hearing to contest the ticket. If you win the hearing, no points will be added to your license.

Hire an Attorney

If you receive a traffic ticket and are facing points on your license, hiring an attorney can help. An attorney can represent you in court and negotiate a plea deal that avoids points on your license.

How Philip Kim Law Can Assist

A seasoned lawyer can significantly impact the results of your case. Our experienced attorneys can assist you in the following ways:

  1. Provide you with legal advice: Our experienced and skilled attorneys will review your case, explain your legal options, and assist you in making an informed decision regarding your traffic violation.
  2. Negotiate with prosecutors: Our team of lawyers is trained to negotiate with prosecutors to reduce the charges against you or negotiate a plea bargain that may reduce the number of points on your driver’s license.
  3. Representation in court: Where necessary, our reckless driving lawyer can represent you and argue to have the charges against you dismissed or reduced.

We can provide valuable legal assistance to help you reduce points on your driver’s license and provide you with resources about Georgia’s hands-free law.

Get in touch with us today to schedule a free consultation so that we can help you develop a personalized strategy.

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