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Published on October 11, 2023.


Lawrenceville Juvenile Crime Attorney

Has your child been arrested for committing a juvenile crime in Lawrenceville, GA? An experienced Lawrenceville juvenile crime lawyer can help defend your child in their trial while representing their best interests. It is essential you hire an experienced Lawrenceville juvenile crime lawyer.

In Georgia, offenders are classified as juveniles if they are under the age of 17. Juvenile crimes refer to crimes committed by a child under 17. In Georgia, court proceedings for a criminal trial involving a minor are often done in a juvenile court.

You must note that there is a distinction between proceedings in a superior court and that of a juvenile court. Some factors are peculiar to juvenile courts as opposed to superior courts. An instance is that juvenile criminal proceedings are presided over by a sole judge, unlike a jury at superior courts. Likewise, the penalties for juvenile crimes are less severe than the penalties for crimes adults commit.

One of the reasons for establishing juvenile courts is to protect minors from the adult criminal justice system and the harsh realities obtainable in regular courts. However, where minors commit certain felony acts, the prosecutor can make them stand trial in an adult court. By standing trial in an adult court, such minors would be sanctioned with adult penalties.

Superior courts have jurisdiction over minors between 13 and 17 who commit certain violent felonies. Some of these violent felonies include rape, murder and voluntary manslaughter.

When you are charged with a juvenile crime, hiring a juvenile law attorney would benefit you. Experienced juvenile crime lawyers at Philip Kim Law, P.C. are willing and able to defend you appropriately in your juvenile criminal trial.

Types of Juvenile Crimes

It is essential you know the juvenile crimes in Georgia and their penalties. There are several crimes juveniles can be charged with in Georgia, including:

  • Shoplifting

  • Assault

  • Underage alcoholic consumption and DUI

  • Drug sales and distribution

  • Vandalism

  • Theft

  • Traffic violations

  • Criminal trespass

  • Gang-related crimes

  • Truancy

  • Usage of fake driver’s license

  • Sex crimes

  • Robbery

It will benefit you to hire a juvenile law attorney if you or your child are charged with any of the above mentioned crimes. Our experienced juvenile crime attorneys at Philip Kim Law, P.C. are willing to help you.

Penalties for Juvenile Crimes in Georgia

The following are the several penalties your child can be given if convicted of a crime in Gwinnett County juvenile court:

  • Community service

  • Restitution, for instance, in shoplifting cases

  • Probation

  • Driver’s license suspension

  • Commitment to a program of the Department of Juvenile Justice

  • Being kept in a detention facility

  • Supervision fees

A Superior Court can mandate a minor accused of highly egregious crimes to be held in an adult facility.

Purpose of Juvenile Justice System in Georgia

The purpose of the juvenile justice system in Georgia is to promote a juvenile system that will:

  • Protect the community

  • Establish accountability for violation of the law

  • Provide treatment and rehabilitation

  • To empower minors with the ability to live responsibly

  • To guarantee the process of law and

  • To preserve family relationships.

In Georgia’s juvenile court system, minors are not found guilty of a crime but delinquent. A delinquent juvenile is a child who committed a crime and needs rehabilitation.

A juvenile case in Georgia can be resolved without a trial. The court can dismiss the criminal charge after an informal probation period, and the minor completes what the court orders in the specified time. This process is referred to as informal adjustment.


Felonies in Georgia can be classified into:

  • Designated felony, and

  • Non-designated felonies.

Designated felonies are divided into Class A felonies and Class B felonies, with Class A being more severe. For Class A designated felonies, the maximum period of confinement is five years. If you are a juvenile under this category, you must generally serve your term in a Youth Development Centre.

Also, you may have to be committed to the Department of Juvenile Justice. The maximum period of this commitment is also five years. Class A felonies include attempted murder, aggravated assaults and kidnapping.

For Class B designated felonies, the maximum period of confinement is 18 months. You may also be committed to the Department of Juvenile Justice for a maximum period of 3 years. After your confinement, you will also be subjected to six months of intensive supervision.

You should note that the superior and juvenile Courts have concurrent jurisdiction over minors charged with acts punishable by loss of life and life imprisonment without parole.

Any other felony that does not fall under designated felonies is considered a non-designated felony. Non-designated felonies are also called delinquent felonies and are legally treated as civil matters.

Standard of Proof in Juvenile Criminal Matter

The standard of proof on criminal charges against juveniles is the same as that used in proceedings against adults. Where you are charged with a juvenile crime, the onus or burden of proof rests on the prosecution.

G.A. Code § 15-11-440 provides that the prosecuting attorney must prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt, that is, with clear and convincing evidence. If the prosecuting attorney cannot discharge this burden of proof, the minor will be acquitted.

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